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Preparation for Insertion

Slide13.JPG (27836 bytes)

Redwine Element

Slide10.JPG (29671 bytes)

Dick Meadows and Dan McKinney


Slide12.JPG (65372 bytes)

Dick Meadows and St. Clair  and Dan McKinney in the background

Slide14.JPG (35285 bytes)

Pathfinder element for Redwine element

Slide15.JPG (32555 bytes)


Slide16.JPG (33022 bytes)


Slide17.JPG (26587 bytes)


Slide18.JPG (48095 bytes)

St. Claire and Dan McKinney on the right

Slide19.JPG (24435 bytes)

A1E's leading HC-130P, refueling a HH-53

Slide20.JPG (30696 bytes)

A diagram showing Helo's arriving at obj area with MC-130 climbing to  altitude in order to drop flares

Slide21.JPG (60083 bytes)

Model of Son Tay

Slide22.JPG (34231 bytes)

Picture of Blueboy element

Slide23.JPG (23012 bytes) Slide24.JPG (30470 bytes) Slide25.JPG (67112 bytes)

Areial photo of the Son Tay prison and surrounding area

Slide26.JPG (31061 bytes)


Slide3.JPG (47534 bytes) Slide4.JPG (24368 bytes)

Col Simons with his cigar talking with Doc Cataldo

Slide5.JPG (19978 bytes)

Dick Meadows

Slide7.JPG (35862 bytes)
Slide8.JPG (20023 bytes)

Billy K. Moore

Slide9.JPG (27711 bytes)

Blueboy element Pappy Kittleson with the bald head

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